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    Quote Originally Posted by C.J.Woolf View Post
    The Apprentice had a true alpha in Randal, a smart, tall, handsome, and confident black man. Everybody liked him too, to the point that nobody minded losing to him. Trump warned the other players more than once that they were handing the game to him on a plate, but I guess they couldn't help themselves.
    Yeah, I stuck to my guns pushing Rebecca that season, but I knew Randal pretty much had it -- he was clearly Trump's favorite from the start, and others deferred to him and of course he was extremely likeable.

    (Rebecca actually fared better by coming in second; she wasn't obligated to work for Trump, but had so much exposure she could pretty much write her own ticket at the time.)

    Dynamics are interesting to observe -- to see who gangs up on who, who befriends who, who people won't really touch...

    And then there's sheer drama, like the 1-2 episodes I happened to see of the recent Celebrity Apprentice, where I called the top two spots from the remaining eight or so, and got to watch Vivica and Kenya go at each other. Again, interesting... why they both despised each other and essentially washed each other out. They weren't really attacking the two front runners... they were just lower-level pack members tearing each other up. Vivica placed third but was in no position to challenge Leeza or Geraldo after all that mess.
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    Yes! Thats one of the things I like best about these shows, why alliances form, and what makes some people stick to them and others switch sides. I love how there is no clear cut way to win the game, there are many different ways to play and win the game. Its interesting to see how players come up with their strategies, and seeing how subtly people can alienate themselves from the group. Its funny because generally there are only one or two really strong players per season, but its not always those players who win. Its like a little sped up allegory of real life! Although you might be born with strengths to help you succeed, sometimes things arent fair and things conspire against you. Anyways...

    I've seen the apprentice as well, and I like it for some of the same main reasons I mentioned above. I Survivor a bit more because I feel like it goes more in depth into the experience and strategies of the players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Have never really watched many reality shows, although I was a fan of the first few seasons of The Apprentice, mainly for the same reasons. (And did watch the first season of Survivor.)

    It was interesting to me to examine the personalities of the characters and speculate on which were more capable of leveraging their own capabilities, deal with random factors and undermining from other players and then intersecting best with Trump's psychology, in order to achieve victory. But the show became too capricious and Trump a little too predictable.
    Try the British version. It's got less OMG and more subtlety.

    I watched loads of this whilst looking for work. It was a wonderful morale boost as if that was the best and the brightest then I was the next Branson! Anyhow I've tried the American flavour and immediately switched off. If I wanted to see what sharks do when someone bleed then there's a nature program which covers it with much more grace.
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    Pitch Perfect - This was painful to watch for me, the singing was well done and the people can act but those are the only positives I can give. The comedy was either disturbing or annoying, the lines fell flat, the story was boring and I didn't relate to the characters at all.

    Frozen - It had catchy music (and one great song), dealt with some complicated emotions effectively, had gorgeous animation and a good message. However I think the story is basic and the characters are rather archetypal (e.g. Anna is the bubbly one and Elsa is the collected introvert).

    The Musketeers - I wanted the villains to win and kill all of the musketeers each and every episode. Every time a villain died I spent 30 minutes to an hour ranting about how angry I was that they killed off such tragic characters and keep the douchbag heroes alive and the stupid heroines always survive because of course pretty ladies can't die. (e.g villain's family dies due to lack of food and water due to stupid king, king held prisoner, king apologizes for mistake, villain dies, the king changes nothing and heroes walk off into the sunset having learnt NOTHING). Ironically if the villains were poorly written I probably wouldn't hate the show so much but as they are written so sympathetically, why not make the heroes care about them instead of making them soulless killers that I couldn't give two defecations about because they killed my favourite characters!?

    Inbetweeners - Though it captures British culture well, the humour is too dirty and sometimes very predictable, the characters are a little unlikable by them being so desperate and shallow and the plots are quite boring to me.

    Friends/ How I met your mother - I don't hate it (e.g. likeable characters, well acted...) I just don't get the humour.

    Keeping up the Kardashians - Pretty self explanatory.

    This felt really good as a 9 to let off some steam so thanks for making this thread.

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