In order to truly understand the order one must examine the beings upon whom they model themselves; those giants of the universe. It is upon these titan's wheels that the universe and creation turns, and turn those wheels must. Such is there importance that if they ever waver, should they ever slow the universe in all it's exquisite dance would come to fail. And though there would be those that would enjoy the ever diminishing dance, and revel in the clashing and crashing of worlds; there would be those that would see it for what it was. A brutal and small affair. Those that saw that the slowing and faltering was the death of all; foremost among them creativity.

The goal of the Order is to emulate the Space Hamsters. To bolster and support our guardians upon there sleepless watch. To spin ever outwards, to create, to make the finite infinite to spin their own wheels as fast as the glorious Space Hamsters.

Though adversity will strike them at every turn. They must have the mind of a warrior and the soul of a poet. For even as they seek to speed their wheels there are those that revel in the failing and faltering. Those who seek to limit, those who would see an ever diminishing universe. One in which the clashes by sheer volume and repetition become the rhythm of a funeral march. To reduce until the clangours have but one sire and a thousand siblings.

A member of the Order is unbreakable though for while the wheel breakers will always reduce to themselves; a member always have the Space Hamsters to look to. For how can they hesitate when the Endless Spinners march ever forward? Such is the way of The Order to create in tune with the spin of the universe.

Goodbye @Noon may your wheel never falter and it spin ever faster.