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    Default 22 jump street or x-men

    which should I see?

    I'm not a fan of comic books or comic book movies. I don't hate them (though batman with heath ledger as the joker was awesome) I just don't really understand the backstory. Plus I can't remember the last x-men movie I saw.

    I've not seen 21 jump street which I could probably watch before saturday. I don't even know what 22 jump street is about. is it good? is it interesting? does it have johnny depp?

    I'll see either one but my friend was like those are the 2 i want to see, and is having me pick.

    so basically i don't have a strong interest in either.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    I'm going to watch X-Men today. I can you tell how I found it afterwards. I have neither ever been a X-Men fan nor was I ever really interested in that franchise but the good ratings tempted me. However, 21 Jump Street (the prequel) was a hilarious comedy and judging by the ratings the second installment should even be better. The target group are teenagers and young adults, though. Unfortunately the movie hasn't premiered yet in my country so X-Men is pretty much the only option besides this kids-movie Maleficent, or whatever. Did I mention that I disliked Frozen?

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