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    Default Has anyone else read the comic strip Prince Valiant by Hal Foster?

    It is a beautifully illustrated comic strip. There was a movie in the 50's based on it and a 90's animated series. Some of the plot devices are repeated and the strip is unrealistic but the illustrations are amazing. Foster has an eye for form and details.
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    I remember coming back home from school to ditch my friends on Friday afternoon's just to get my weekly dosage of the 90's cartoon. Strangely enough that you just posted, I just finished watching the entire 50+ episodes recently (about 2 weeks ago) for the first time on Youtube. The show's emphasis on friendship and moral dilemmas can never bore me.
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    I read it a little when I was younger. I remember it gave me a kind of wistful feeling. Maybe it was all the chivalry.
    I had no idea it was a show. Gives me something to look forward to though, so thanks to the both of you, for reminding me about it.
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