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    Soooo.... finally came out, and I picked up the 3D bluray for $25 at best buy.

    Probably one of the best movies I've seen this year, and a solid steady addition to the action/superhero genre -- not overly deep, but everything was solid, and the action sequences were really great. There were also a lot of great tie-backs to the first movie, which I thought was great.

    My one gripe is that I made it until this week without having the identity of the Winter Soldier spoiled for me, and then I was reading an article not about the movie and someone spoiled it. WTF is wrong with people? it wasn't even a necessary spoiler. I know the movie's been out six months, but if it's not essential to the article, why talk about it since this was the "home release" week and people who missed it in the theater would be watching it now? I found the "reveal" moment to be really powerful despite having an idea, and I think if I hadn't known, i would have just been absolutely floored.

    (I ran across another article talking about Haley Joel Osmant this week, where the writer spoiled the big secret of Sixth Sense in a completely offhand, irrelevant way, that had nothing to do with the gist of the article.)

    But hey, though, way to work an iteration of
    into this, another cool bit.

    Still think the action sequences (good old real action sequences) were great -- i could follow them with the eye and track what was happening, and some of the moves were just stunning. And there was enough humor in the script to keep it afloat without losing Cap's solemnity, and maybe that's another point, I think they've done a really nice job with bringing a character with strong idealism like Cap to the screen while still making him likable in this day and age. Just like casting RDJr as Tony Stark, Chris Evans really pulls off CA.

    Redford was also solid.

    it seems like a lot of superhero movies this last year have been about destruction and recreation, and I think this was one of the better-handled ones. (Iron Man 3 really did little for me, and I still haven't watched Thor 2.) It also had a lot of tie-in with shows like "Person of Interest," for example, and the last 15 years of themes of American history / current events.

    Big thumbs up on this, I've already watched the action sequences twice.
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    I told you so.

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