Dunno if anyone else played this, and I'll put spoilers in this opening post in the SPoiler tags in case someone just wants to look at the thread context.

I had it for awhile, but like with everything else, once I finally REALLY started playing, I ended up blowing through it.

Telltale has a decent setup -- they release five episodes per season. Currently Season 2, you can pay up front and then you just will automatically Steam download the episodes as they are released until the season is released. Once all the episodes are released, you can download a single game package -- and Steam sometimes discounts them. I probably only paid about $10 for Season 1, and I'd have be willing to pay the full $25 probably, based on the quality.

Frankly, the game is brutal. Your interactions with the other characters impact how they respond to you later in the plot. Often you will have to chose to make one person happy at the expense of another, and they do not forget. SOmetimes you can salvage things, sometimes you build some bad blood.

Some decisions you make have small impact, some decisions and comments you make can change the course of the game, determine who lives and dies, etc. Other times, you think you're making a big decision but it turns out you're all screwed anyway... just like in the TV show; you just didn't realize it yet.

Season 1, you play as an educated black guy, a convict named Lee who is on his way to jail when the zombie outbreak happens. The police car wrecks, Lee has to figure things out, and then decide what he wants to do. Early in his travels, he finds a little black girl named Clementine whose parents never came home, holed up in her house. Lee takes her under his wing and they bond -- he becomes her surrogate dad until he is able to locate her real parents and reunite them all, and she looks to Lee for encouragement and guidance.

You'll meet a few characters from the TV show... a slightly different version of Herschel, backstory for what happened to his stepson (?), Glenn's "pre-TV" story arc, etc. But almost all of them are new. All of them have very different personalities. Most have trouble getting along. Characters come and go. The body count is very high (at least 50%) by the end.

But it's a very emotional game. I became invested in the characters, trying to make things work... and especially in the relationship between Lee and Clem, which continues to grow throughout the game. It made it really hard when the story came to an end.

I'd only read this bit if you have already played or don't care to:

It is just a really, really good game. Not just in the play value, but the emotions it triggers. The music's great too, especially coming up for Season 2.