Some of your might be familiar with game jams. For those who aren't, a game jam is a period of time in which groups of game developers (most often "indie") get together to develop short and interesting games. To some extent, they are associated with ideals such as creativity, freedom, and cooperative spirit in these communities.

GAME_JAM was a recent attempt by PepsiCo and other companies to organise a game jam recorded and presented for mass youtube audiences-- with catastrophic results. The costly and elaborate production effort was put on hold after only a day of production, after the "contestants", the multiple already successful independent developers, near collectively walked off set.

Here is a good account though you might want to skip the fluffy first few paragraphs.

Mostly I just want to share what I find a delicious phenomena. Every time I watch such reality shows that turn creativity, expression, professionalism and individuality into a means to parade corporate logos and synthesize drama for cheap entertainment, a part of me mourns for the dignity of the contestants. One could talk of the assumptions or entitlement of certain members of the production crew, or even the sponsors themselves, that they had such confidence that a group that self-identifies as independent, a group of creatives and eccentrics, an already commercially successful group, would put up with the demeaning process of being filmed for an increasingly commercialized and irrelevant reality TV contest. The majority of these indies eventually did what we all hope we would do--stand up for our ideals.