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    Right. Like I said, the Bugs Bunny gangster.
    The one who buggers a fire burns his penis
    -anonymous graffiti in the basilica at Pompeii

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    Hannibal: What We Would Want To See in Season 4

    Despite being fantastically dark during its three-season run, Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal burned too brightly, and ended well before its story had reached a natural conclusion. While the image of Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter locked in an embrace, the waves of the Atlantic crashing hundreds of feet below them, nearly drowning out the good doctor’s final words of “This is all I ever wanted for you” were delicious and satisfying in their own right – and continue to be more so, as time after the finale marches on – there will always be a contingent wondering where the story would have gone if the series hadn’t been canceled by NBC or another network had immediately picked it up....
    So this article takes some guesses at what might happen / what might have been. Interesting stuff...
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    I'm just starting season 3. I really love this show. I didn't think I would but the fact that it has its audience
    shows how great of a show it is.
    Artistic, deep, we'll written, and perfectly cast; there's nothing to complain about.

    My favourite seen so far was the scene in which

    Gah I love this show. I am reluctant to finish season 3 because it will mean it is over.

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    I haven't finished season 3 yet either. It's hard to believe it's over after this. The relationship between Hannibal and Will is so fascinating and there is nothing on TV comparable to the beautiful symbolism and imagery in the series. Even with it's dark subject matter, which doesn't naturally appeal to me, I can hardly turn away.

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