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    Any members here like to read or write poetry? Confessional, imagist, micro, surrealist, haiku, alternative, spoken word, anything! I'm currently on a pretty stubborn writer's block and looking to fall for words again.

    Among my favorite well-knowns are Cummings, Berrigan, William Carlos Williams, Sexton, Octavio Paz et al, but I really love reading amateur & unpublished too because I feel like the perspectives are fresher and the formats less constricted and self-conscious.

    I'd be grateful to anyone willing to share their favorite poems, writers, publications, or block-breaking tips. I also wouldn't mind any collaborative chains. Thanks in advance

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    Oops, meant to reply to this sooner.

    I tend to sample poems randomly, picking favorites along the way. I like this poem by and this one. Glass, Phoebe, inkscrawl and the Nashville Review are some of the journals I browse most often. I don't have any subscriptions, but FIELD and the Cincinnati Review look good based on what's available on their official websites or Verse Daily/Poetry Daily.

    I write more poems than I read, which is probably the wrong way to go about it. From last April to now, I tried writing a poem every day. Most of them are crap, but after serious revision, some are decent enough to submit.

    Did you manage to beat your block? I don't have any tips except to try writing every day even if you're not inspired. Some of my better poems happened when I wasn't in the mood to write. I'd also recommend looking outside of poetry. Watching documentaries about space, taking a walk at night, or looking at diagrams helps me get into a different mindset, and that makes writing easier. Whatever activities pull you outside of your normal thoughts might be good.

    Happy National Poetry Month!

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    Favourite Poems & Poems that moved you

    Poetry Thread

    I love poetry, we have poetry readings on vent sometimes... its quite nice.
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