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    Default Gushing about my favorite band: iamamiwhoami

    I am making this a topic because I can! Also, because I have such an undying love for this project that I share it every chance I get. They have brought so much to me in the ways of art and music that words can not convey it enough. The best I can do is share them with the rest of the world who have not heard of them. If you'd rather not read about it, just skip to the bottom and give a few songs a listen. They aren't just a band though, they are a project. Each song they release comes with a video that tells a surrealistic story that has both a clear direction but is entirely up to the interpretation of the viewer.

    They came to be at the end of 2009, and released a series of short cryptic videos containing sound bites from songs to be or portions of intros. It got people wondering. Who are they, and who is she? They used digital effects to distort the womans face, or coverings to block it. A few months later the first fill song came out, simply titled B. There were clear symbols appearing again from the initial clips. Very simple objects. White, plastic wrap, tinfoil, cups, cardboard. Every day objects were taken from mundane, to surreal. The timing was regular too. Every month, something new. Then another, O came out, then U-1 and U-2. They seemed to be spelling something. N, her face more clear this time. With the release of T, it was a good guess what the word is, and it was solidified to be Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee. But with answers obtained, even more questions formed. Who was behind all of this, and most importantly why?

    After Y, BOUNTY appeared to be complete, and word went silent for months. Until strange emails, and short videos got released. The project was seeking a fan to be flown to Sweden to be included into something. What that something, no one knew, but it was assumed to be a rumored online concert. A German man under the name ShootUpTheStation was taken. He was shown to be interacting with the band through messages, letters, and phones. All very cryptic and it left the fans salivating completely captivated. It culimated in an hour long live online concert, and the ritual sacrifice of ShootUpTheStation. At the very end, all of the symbols came together at a round table, sealing and ending the BOUNTY era.

    More than a year later, they emerged again, this time beginning a new project. Kin. Seeming to start off exactly where BOUNTY ended. She was shown being taken, intergrated, and later removed from the world of these large hair creatures. As the story progressed it is revealed that this all seemed to happen within a simplified model. A simple benign cube. In it, she directed towards her fans that more work was to come, and they will return. Shortly after this, european tour dates were announced and over the following year the project played at several shows and festivals. After that, silence again. Until a few weeks ago.

    Little is known about what the next project is. Only one song to date has been released, Fountain. It seems to pick up where Kin left off. So far it seems that water may be a theme. Fans are anticipating the release of Wave. Like all past leaks, devoted fans appear to look deep in the websites code, interviews, and elsewhere. iamamiwhoami intentional leave well hidden hints everywhere, simply waiting to be found.

    Their sound in my opinion, is incredible. They manage to create such a lush soundscape that mirrors the surrealistic atmopshere of their videos. Synthsizers can be very harsh, but the organic sounds the pull in round out the edges just enough to give everything a surprisingly organic feel to it. Jonna's digitized and sharp vocals cap the production and bring it up to the next level. Each thing comes together and can transport one to a completely different world. When I listen to (and watch) them, I am always captivated and given chills by the unassuming force and power they present.

    All together, this band isn't just a band to me. It's an experience. They manage to pull together nearly every single artistic, musical, and visual element I like and seek and put it into one whole package. I am astounded every time, and I have yet to truly dislike anything they do.

    These songs overall capture their style, sound, and symbols the best. Enjoy.





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    SO GOOD! i listened to them a bit before, but those selected songs were great. maybe i'm just in a different mood now, but i'm really feelin this.

    gonna pull up some of their music and keep this going as i try to get some paperwork done.
    You hem me in -- behind and before;
    you have laid your hand upon me.
    Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
    too lofty for me to attain.

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