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    I like Breaking Bad's recurrence.

    In no order:
    Breaking Bad
    Dexter (downhill after season 2, imho)
    Death Note

    Also, Workaholics and Bob's Burgers are pretty amusing. EDIT: Arrested Development too. I love David Cross.
    A few I haven't watched but intend to: The Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet Under.

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    1. The Simpsons
    2. The Twilight Zone
    3. Cheers
    4. Six Feet Under
    5. Breaking Bad
    6. Seinfeld

    Sorry, couldn't cut any of them, and there's a big gap after #6 for me.

    I feel like this has just been about scripted narrative sitcoms or dramas. Some of my all time favorites have been variety or talk or game shows, so I'll use my honorable mentions on those:

    Late Night/Late Show with David Letterman
    Saturday Night Live
    Late Night with Conan O'Brien
    Mr. Show
    The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
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    In no particular rank/order:

    The Simpsons - before they got watered down- then Futurama
    Red Dwarf
    The Adventures of Pete & Pete
    The Twilight Zone
    Trailer Park Boys
    Kids in The Hall

    Honorable mentions to Seinfeld, Beavis & Butthead, The Maxx, Farscape, Dr. Who, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Married.. With Children, How It's Made, & Prison Break (up to season 2).
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    So it's important to remember that these are some of my favorites, not necessarily the pinnacle of television. I don't even watch TV that often anyway.

    In no particular order...

    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    I Love Lucy
    Parks and Recreation
    King of the Hill
    Criminal Minds

    Oops...that was six. Meh.

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    Here are the five series I've watched over at least twice.

    Babylon 5 - It was far before it's time when it came:
    • first TV-series to rely on CGI on that scale
    • first series to be filmed in 16:9
    • first ones to have 5-year story arc (now a standard for high-quality series)
    • first series to have author chatting with fans on internet (20 years ago!!)

    Battlestar Galactica
    • Great music
    • Gender Equality (did you ever notice how equal the world was? No one ever questioned female leaders because they were female, or never told man to 'man up'.)
    • How comlex Gaius Baltar's character and storyline was

    • So brutal
    • Just about anyone could die
    • This had me sit on the edge of the seat the whole time

    Monty Python's Flying Circus
    • The only show from 60-70s I can bear
    • Still the best comedy out there
    • Albatross!!

    • Hiro!!!
    • Easily the best superhero thing out there, ever. No spandex or capes here. No ridiculous 'let's throw skyscrapers at each others' as is in every superhero movie nowadays.
    • Sadly this series lost it's thing somewhere after season 1 and tried to continously reset and repeat it's winning formula.

    Honorable Mentions, these series had a good season and numerous bad seasons. I did enjoy watching them back then, but I'm not missing them anymore.
    • Walking Dead
    • Lost
    • Dexter
    • Carnivale

    Special Honorable Mention
    • Game of Thrones - I'm not sure if I'm a fan or not. I enjoy reading the books and watching the show, but on the other hand it feels soulless. There's just too much stuff and too little time. Some characters only get about 20min of screen time per season, and they are still considered 'main cast'. But I'm all for having a high quality fantasy TV-series in mainstream.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    Battlestar Galactica
    • Great music
    • Gender Equality (did you ever notice how equal the world was? No one ever questioned female leaders because they were female, or never told man to 'man up'.)
    • How comlex Gaius Baltar's character and storyline was
    • With regards to the 2nd note of above. They also addressed LGBT equality.

    I agree with the above and what got me hooked was that chase scene right in the beginning and trying to discover who the Cylons were. and the search for the 13th colony. There was a goal with the whole series, it was like one big movie to me. It did slow down in season 3 and went all daily soap opera. It picked up speed again in season 4 and ended before they could cancel it.

    Some more I would like to add.

    • The machines were sometimes more compassionate than the humans, where as the humans turned out to be cruel in some cases.
    • The series, challenged logic with faith.
    • How precious the identity of each character was, regardless of human, Cylon or machine.
    • How far some people are willing to go.
    • How some will even turn on their own kind to fight for what is REALLY right and not just the rules.
    • How some people do things without realising they are doing it (Cylons).
    • How some of the Cylons were trying to find their identity and think individually, even when their prerogative was to eliminate the humans.
    • The constant challenge of our understanding of others.

    edit: it was because of BSG that I became interested in personalities types.

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    Downton Abbey
    as a representative of the whole genre

    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Maybe it doesn't count as it's a cartoon, but it's so good. I only watched it a few years ago, but I feel that this is one kids' show that is really empowering for kids to watch. It has the morally safe fluff of american cartoons and the energetic youthful feel of anime -- a perfect blend.

    seriously underrated

    I must be forgetting something. I'll keep two spots free for now.

    Other things that I did like a lot:
    Misfits series 1
    Glee season 1
    Lie to Me
    Friends for old times' sake
    Being Human there's nothing like it... some really gem heart-wrenching moments and genuine laughs
    Doctor Who for the wonderful overall cheesiness and the occasional mind-blowing brilliance
    Sherlock the first episode -- the rest is a bit artificial, but still entertaining
    4w5 sp/sx EII

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    The Simpsons
    The Twilight Zone
    South Park
    *Freaks and Geeks

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    Oh, also... Adventure Time, anyone?

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    In no real order:

    The Wire
    Monty Python's Flying Circus

    Quote Originally Posted by Odi et Amo View Post
    3) Babylon 5
    Some of the acting is kinda craptastic, and the CGI is most definitely dated, and it took a season or so to get on its feet, and all of the actors are dying off early, but it broke ground as a telenovel, rewards the patient with its depth and universe, exudes so much atmosphere & soul, and is undeniably lovable and at moments utterly brilliant. The three season run from 2 to 4 is mostly just class. Londo and G'Kar, inexorably linked, are spellbinding and a masterclass in how to build up and tear down characters.
    Londo and G'Kar are kind of analogous to Sadat and Begin.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    2. Babylon Five - My SO had to practically pin me down to make me watch it, but omg, was it good. So glad he did
    I'm glad to see people who appreciate it. In many ways it was way ahead of its time.

    What I really like about it is that it was one man's vision, and he wrote almost all of it himself. Joe Straczynski overcame some huge obstacles to making the show and did it on a shoestring budget. I also love his emphasis on ethics in the sense of "playing fair" with the audience.
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