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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulcan View Post
    Who is your favorite character on Firefly? I like the captain.
    there is clearly an proper answer to this question, and he's a sociopath who wears a very cunning hat
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    Game of Thrones
    Star Trek (original)
    Monarch of the Glen

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    This is always a hard question, but I'll just pick the ones that stick out to me the most:

    Jane Eyre BBC (Possibly my favorite romance ever, best adaptation of Jane Eyre imo. The actors are perfect for their roles)
    Gravity Falls (great humor, great characters, great plot/development, heartfelt, amazing cartoon)
    Steven Universe (emotional depth, amazing music, great characters, great plot/development, amazing cartoon)
    Avatar: The Last Airbender (this show is beyond words but I'll try. Brilliant characters & development, great plot, lots of depth, you really only understand if you watch lol)
    Rick & Morty (intelligent, funny, heartfelt, clever, great characters, not for everyone but it's a lot deeper than it appears)

    Honorable Mentions:

    The Blacklist
    Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
    Teen Titans
    Your Lie In April
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
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    Twin Peaks
    Game of Thrones

    Honorable mentions :
    Freaks and Geeks
    Parker Lewis Can't Lose
    Black Books
    Black Adder
    Pushing Daisies
    Allo Allo

    Shit, I dunno. My inferior Si always fucks me up when it comes to lists. There's probably others I love much more than the ones I listed. I know Rome I feel really strongly about...but tomorrow I'll remember something I loved even more and it will be even higher. I also left out anime, because otherwise there'd be quite a few there.
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    Almost 4 years later, let's review my answer.

    I just noticed the title of this thread and thought that I probably have already answered. I was pretty surprised to see what I had answered. My opinion has changed quite a lot in just four years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    Here are the five series I've watched over at least twice.

    Babylon 5
    - This has a special place in my life, but I'm not going to rewatch it. The series is outdated in almost all manners. Really bad CGI, slow tempo at times, simplistic story lines and 20 episodes a season (so many fillers!). I do hope they'll do a reboot, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    Battlestar Galactica
    - To me this was updated version of Babylon 5. It too is showing some marks of being outdated. 20 episodes a season makes it hard to rewatch. And the show declined after a great start.

    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    - The last season wasn't it's strongest, but I still belive the series is very intense and gripping. Probably going to rewatch it sometime.

    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    Monty Python's Flying Circus
    - Monty Python remains to be the best comedy ever made.

    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    - I tried watching Heroes Reborn but man was it horrible. They couldn't hire all the actors, so they tried to fake it. It failed miserably. Heroes had a great 1st season, but it seems it was a stroke of luck. They couldn't repeat their success, because they didn't understand themselves.

    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    Honorable Mentions, these series had a good season and numerous bad seasons. I did enjoy watching them back then, but I'm not missing them anymore.
    Walking Dead
    - I'm Surprised to find this here. To be honest, I think it's better than Heroes. Not watching this anymore, but I'm quite sure I enjoyed this more than Heroes. I still can't stop thinking how'd I survive during Zombie Apocalypse. I keep coming up with strategies how to surive and manage a community of people.
    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    Yeah, it had a great buzz, but that's about it. Not missing it at all. There are better series for this list.
    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    I spend a lot of time watching this one, but had to drop during the final season. I realized the show isn't going anywhere. They repeat the same pattern, and I'm not going to fall for it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    Good series, interesting plot and setting. Not sure if I'd watch it again. I dislike the time period for various reasons, but this show made it interesting for a while.[/LIST]

    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    Special Honorable Mention
    Game of Thrones - I'm not sure if I'm a fan or not. I enjoy reading the books and watching the show, but on the other hand it feels soulless. There's just too much stuff and too little time. Some characters only get about 20min of screen time per season, and they are still considered 'main cast'. But I'm all for having a high quality fantasy TV-series in mainstream.
    Okay, I'm not sure what was I thinking here. Let me be clear. Game of Thrones is the greatest TV series ever. I've watched the entire series about 3 times already. We keep discussing about it with my wife. We have our own fan theories. We named a puppy litter after (Jon, Dany and Arya) it.

    Revisited List:
    Game of Thrones - This series makes everything else look bad.
    Vikings - The atmosphere on this series is stellar. Not always a fan of the plot, but this looks and feels so great. Can't stop listening to norse folk music.
    Sense8 - In a sense, this is updated version of Babylon 5. Even though they don't look anything like each other, they share the spirit. The core message in both series is "We are one". It shows that despite our differences, all of us are connected to create a whole that is indivisible.
    Black Sails - I hate pirates and ships. It took some time before I started watching this, but I was immediatelly hooked. Well produced and written. I wish it had one more season, or perhaps a Treasure Island spinoff
    Westworld - It's great to see a series of this scope to take a serious swing at AI. The topic a has deep underlying philosophical discussion, and I think Westworld is on point on this one.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Expanse - I really enjoyed the first season. It felt like it was the upgraded version of Battlestar Galactica. It's best scifi on TV. Also read some of the books based on the series. For a while this was on upper list, but had to move down for Black Sails. The 2nd season wasn't as strong, and I'm feeling they are underbudgeted.
    The Borgias - It's partially the original Game of Thrones. Sad to see this scheming family to be cancelled prematurely.
    Handmaid's Tale - Not exactly a fan of the setting, as it seems slightly unbeliable, but otherwise it's doing a great job. Eagerly waiting for the next season.
    Stranger Things - I'm a D&D player and a 80's kid. Such a nostalgia trip.
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    Breaking Bad
    The Office
    Dr. Quinn
    Family Guy

    Ha, that's kind of an eclectic list, but I stand by it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_X View Post
    honorable mentions of the ones that got cancelled.

    and older favorites

    Oh my god. I was SO into V.
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    Northern Exposure
    Game of Thrones
    Red Dwarf
    Robin of Sherwood (Robin Hood in the US)

    Of course I hate top lists because I usually enjoy a lot of things almost equally (bands, books, movies etc) so this part of a big pool of shows.

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    Serial Experiments Lain (science fiction/psychological)
    Poirot (mystery)
    Miss Marple (mystery)
    Evangelion (science fiction/psychological)
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (science fiction and slice of life)
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    Just 5?

    Well, here goes...

    Twilight Zone (Rod Sterling original series)
    Outer Limits (original black and white series)
    Dark Shadows
    Eerie Indiana (strictly speaking the original, short season, not the childrens network spin off)
    King of The Hill

    I think all of these are the greatest because they tell great stories in a popular medium, it goes without saying that the first two choices were spring boards for a lot of writing and acting talent, the stories have been ripped off as adapted a lot of times (like future soldier in Outer Limits and Terminator or the fact that most of the time the modern twilight zone just spent its time retelling the classic story lines with more recent - note I dont necessary say better or improved - special effects).

    Dark Shadows did something new, a serial drama with supernatural themes, I've heard episodes reproduced as audio-serials and they are just as good as the actual TV production, that's how strong the writing of the dialogue was, I've seen some of the episodes with younger performers and their acting is not as good as the adult cast in any case. Plus, like both of the choices before it, they saw fit to resurrect it because largely without a role played by the studios or advertising or PR it remained popular and people were waiting on it.

    Eerie Indiana has a lot of themes like those in the earlier serials but they all take place within small town America, its a show which I think can appeal to all age groups, its also got a story arc which runs through the entire season, returning cast and self contained episodes done well, the revamped Dr Who series I do not believe has been able to do anything like it and its a testimony to good writing, acting and direction. It also has some strong themes about growing up, trust, corruption, human spirit which get dismissed in more "grown up" mediums.

    Finally, I think KOH gets forgotten a bit, it had a range of memorable characters for what was meant to be a one shot spin off from Beavis and Butthead, its got a strong themes again too, and I know that there's a lot of opinion that its meant to sending up and ridiculing the family and small community scene it features, sure that's one way of viewing it, but I choose to view a lot of it at face value and its amusing but also engaging. A lot of the content resonated with me and its easy viewing besides, it can give you a smile when you're just trying not to think too hard. It also doesnt suffer from any of sorts of changes or updates in animators or animating tech like some series, Simpsons earlier episodes are virtually unwatchable to me now, which is disappointing as I think some of the best writing was done back then.
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