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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilah View Post
    I am not sure what you mean by concept art board. The primary purpose is of the board is a a forum for members to trade art with each other. As a secondary purpose there is an area to talk about art and an area to talk about off topic stuff. The art discussion is mostly about techniques and supplies. There will be some posts about getting over artistic slumps but very little interest in the philosophy or feelings behing the art.

    Ah okay, I thought you might mean something along the lines of this, as I would expect the attitude you described to prevail in that type of setting as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilah View Post
    ISFPs are sometimes labled the artists. Does that mean that most artists are ISFPs? Is it unusual to be another type and be and artist. I think INs tend more to writing than visual art.
    it depends on what sort of artist.

    There are zillions of approaches to art, no matter what genre you are part of. (This is why painting covers the gamut, from pop art to impressionist to impressionist to still life and portraits to Thomas Kincaide to HR. Giger, for example.)

    ISFPs are artists in the sense of being concrete/sensualized artists. The art or at least the act of creating art -- the rightness of what is being down -- is usually justified by a pleasant physical sensation within the body and mind of the ISFP.

    They usually are bricoleurs as well; instead of creating new building blocks to use wholesale in their art or creating some entirely new pattern, they take the bits and pieces around them and play around with the assembly of them, with less imposed logic and more just based on how the resulting assembly "feels" to them. The experience of art is very very important.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ilah View Post
    I am surprised to see it is mostly NTs, and NFs that responded to this post. I was expecting a lot of SF artist to post.

    They usually don't care much about intellectualizing and describing the art process. They'd rather be MAKING art, not figuring out how art is made.

    Note above -- it's all about the EXPERIENCE of making art, not really about describing the theory of art like NTs and even NFs do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    They usually don't care much about intellectualizing and describing the art process. They'd rather be MAKING art, not figuring out how art is made.

    When I was younger, I used to throw away my drawings and paintings once I felt like I was finished with them. I had gotten what I needed out of the experience and didn't really think about whether or not someone else might want to look at it.

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    I like art too. I do digital painting, vector art and sometimes photo manipulations.

    For me it is about the outcome and what can be said through the picture. I dont really "love the process", the process is more like a meditative state that ends up bringing the idea out of my head into a form that can be viewed by others, maybe even understood. I really like thinking about what I want to say, how it can be said and how I can make the message a bit twisted to keep it interesting.. Feeling is also very important. I rarely succeed in my goals, though, but even the little victories keep me coming back to my wacom.

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