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    Default Asterix

    I can't believe that there is no thread about it yet!

    For those who don't know, I'm talking about this little guy:

    Asterix - INFJ or ENTP - He is the thinker of the two who easily comes up with solutions to solve the problem and always has a plan. I personally believe he is INFJ, but he could also be an untypical ENTP who hides his Ti and wears his Fe on the outside.
    Obelix - ISFP - He is very sensitive and enjoys simple pleasures like eating and beating up Romans.
    Getafix - INTP - Interested in how things work. He is most likely a mix of e9 and 5.
    Dogmatix - xNFP - Curious and sensitive. And btw, somewhat smarter than Obelix.

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    I used to read a bit of Asterix. Obelix is often typed as isfp, not sure of the rest. Asterix in Egypt was my favourite.

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