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    Default Most frequent fictional type?

    I have just been asking myself which type's most frequent in fiction and I have come to this site
    The blogger regularly does typings of random characters via functions and I think they are mostly right. Overall there are now 125 characters typed and I figured out which types are most frequent.

    1.ENFP: 10
    .INFJ: 10
    .INTJ: 10
    .ISFJ: 10
    .ISFP: 10
    .ISTJ: 10
    .ISTP: 10
    8.INFP: 9
    9.ENFJ: 7
    .ENTJ 7
    .ESTP: 7
    12.ENTP: 6
    13.INTP: 5
    .ESFJ: 5
    .ESFP: 5
    16.ESTJ: 4

    It's actually more balanced than I had thought. I would have put INTJ on top followed by INFP and ISTP.

    Anyone agrees/disagrees with the list?

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    From the books I've read I agree with most of them. At first I thought Klaus Baudelaire from a Series of Unfortunate Events was INTP largely because he is so bookish, but based on use of cognitive functions, I could see the case of ISFJ. INTP and ISFJ have the same cognitive functions in a different order.
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