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    Default Post your favorite classical music + type suggestions for the composer

    Chopin - INFJ

    Brahms - ISFP

    Schubert - INfP

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    I would type Chopin as INFP. Here are my top three:

    Dvorak - ISFP?

    Vaughan Williams - INFJ?

    And my favorite:

    J.S. Bach - INTP?
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    Maybe ENFJ? I don't know. However, he was deeply religious in his later years and spent them mainly in seclusion. He apparently had a lot of Fe, whatever he was. I've read several accounts of him that describe him as charming, yet determined and inventive. I particularly like the Hungarian Rhapsodies and Mesphito's waltzes.

    I am also a fan of Bach and Chopin [with whom Liszt was friends]. Once Beethoven kissed Liszt because he consider him a boy genius. I suppose it took one to know one
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