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    I'm nearly done (at my crawling pace) with my bow. I'm only missing a string to purchase from the next bow shop I come by before I consider myself complete with making my own first bow out of PVC piping.

    I've made some small crappy ones for the kiddos out of salvage stuff.. but my question is about everyone else.

    Do you practice archery currently and actively, even on occasion? What kind of bow do you have, how do you like it, etc?
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    I've thought about it, but never gone any further than that. To be honest, I suspect I'd be a terrible shot. How much pull can you get out of a PVC pipe bow?
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    Ive used a bow before and taught archery - or rather pretended to teach it - in a roleplaying game. I am strangely drawn to the sport, mostly due to its nostalgic/romantic overtones, Im guessing

    I have the intention to at some point order a custom made bow in suede leather for that particular roleplaying game and actually make a character to utilize it. I'm not...too shabby at it, but I'm not sure if I'll ever really be able to use it properly in combat as my adrenaline tends to turn me into the most ill-coordinated person ever

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    That's neat! I hadn't thought of using PVC pipe.

    I've made quite a few "temporary" low-draw weight bows from branches, as well as arrows from sticks or bamboo stakes. I did this mostly in jr. high. When we did archery with a real longbow in high school gym class, I did really well because the consistency of the bow materials and straightness of the arrow shafts allowed for more precision than I was used to. I've also used a compound bow a little--didn't like the mechanical feel. I don't own any of my own gear, but I'd like to. I might get into it soon. There's a fun-looking archery range trail at a state park where I like to camp and hike.

    On the other hand, I might try to make a full-size wooden longbow.

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    I shot an arrow once.

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