What the HELL is is the appeal of this book? I read in highschool and remembered being unimpressed. After a disagreement last night about saligern versus keroac I started re-reding and I'm about halfway through.

In my opinion the people are terrible. Ed leaves his wife stranded after her money runs out. Sal does his tourism with the Mexican woman Terry (who was gpin to leave her son to go to new york with a man she just met) and then uses his aunts money to hop back to his collegiate world. And Dean this mythical create treats his wives like garbage and abandons his daughter. Carlo's he seems equally self aboarobed but in a way less damaging to others. Sure the writing has nice romantic visions of America are nice but most of the time they seem like half-ass caricatures and all of it sort of glosses over the selfishness of the characters.

I like travel, I like freedom, but I also care about people and honesty and goodness and giving a shit about other human beings.

Help me understand.