I find this mostly sad because of his age... but also because of his positive spirit.

He was a very talented, very influential comic artist (his writing was all right, but it was his penciling that shone) whose drawing arm was amputated due to the bone cancer a number of years ago, in order to save his life.

He taught himself how to draw again and ink using his remaining arm, and reentered the business. I didn't study his work carefully, but he looked just every bit as talented as he was when he had both hands.

It's a shame that the cancer came of remission.
(Also makes me pause because he was younger than I am.)

Link here

Comic book artist Michael Turner dies at 37
Fri Jul 4, 6:40 PM EDT

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Michael Turner, a comic book artist who drew covers for major titles such as "Superman/Batman," "The Flash" and "Civil War,'" has died. He was 37.

Turner died June 27 at a Santa Monica hospital of complications related to cancer, said Vince Hernandez, editor in chief of Aspen MLT, the Santa Monica publishing company Turner founded in 2003. Turner had battled bone cancer for eight years...