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    Default I guess I'll have to imagine all the lens flares now...

    A couple months ago, there was a trailer from JJ Abrams' production company Bad Robot, that's this right here:

    I heard a rumor a while back that this trailer was going to be for a book, as in entertainment medium with letters on paper rather than moving images.

    And now we have confirmation.

    I think it's kinda dumb to advertise a book with visual defeats the purpose of reading. And I don't think I've ever seen this done before. Anyone have a previous experience like this?

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    I've seen this done loads of times, The Strain which I think also had Del Toro's name as a selling point too, Skullduggery Pleasant was another example that I can think of.

    It doesnt surprise me, I've seen it on ads on TV and not just trailers online, I read something about marketing and the idea behind this, its pitching to people who often buy books but do not read them, not just individual consumers themselves but those who buy for others, like gifts, they may not be the sort of person to read the blurb on a book, to know much about books or even follow genre devleopment or how book shops choose to lay out their shelves. Those people are supposed to make associations on the basis of the book's title, the author's or celebrity endorsement (you're bound to have seen small author credit, big title, bigger Koontz/King/Chuck says) or vid clips which remind them of someone else.
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