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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyyukon View Post
    Lisa Simpson
    Clarice Starling (in fact, a lot of Jodie Foster characters),
    Precious (? never saw it)
    Erin Brokovich (real lady too)
    Jessica Rabbit
    Catherine Tramell
    Meryl Streep characters (The River Wild, one of my favs)
    Alabama Whitman
    Mathilda (The Professional)
    Jackie fuckin' Brown
    Lisbeth Salander,
    a lot of them chicks in American Horror Story
    How do you solve a problem like Maria?

    Several of these women are easily physically overpowered and sometimes even raped by men, but they use their wiles and grace to overcome.

    Many are utterly terrified in scenarios where men characters are stoic. Think Clarice, in the dark, with her gun shaking in her hands, trying to locate Buffalo Bill in his dungeon.

    Ripley is great, to me, because she also shows her terror and fear, but carries on anyway. Goes to rescue that little girl from the clutches of mama Alien Queen, Newt (god what a terrible nickname) in Aliens 2, and whoops fuckin' ass like a mother who beat a car jacker almost to death with The Club (steering wheel lock thingy) when her child was still in the car (true story).
    "Get away from her you BITCH!"

    I am soo glad you brought up Jessica Rabbit. The old school femme fatale, the tough broad, Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Lana del Rey also goes for that angle in some of her music, women using their womanhood as power rather than physical strength. Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford, a lot of those old Hollywood actresses were tough women. As women. I love them too.

    I also like most movies with Susan Sarandon.
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    (since we're listing some) Elle Woods!

    7w6 - 2w3 - 8w7 sx/so

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    A bit of a necromancy, but I have started watching a series I thought might qualify for this:

    I'll be honest, it's right on the edge:
    While she is technically a "strong female character", in the sense of competence and endurance, we see very few bits of the part of her life where that matters, we get to know her in the aftermath. It's like if you had an action hero but in a show with very little action related scenes.

    Unlike Ripley, she is far from gender neutral, I'd say much of her role is also about her as a woman specifically. But she shows a hell of a lot of free agency, she isn't simply doing the heroic thing or what's the audience expects but rather takes her own stances. I feel like the show attempts to trigger a gender-dialogue inspiring reaction when she...

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