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Thread: You're next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    It's basically been prescreened by the critics, as far as I can tell.
    Oh it's in the "theaters" section on so I thought it was already out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jixmixfix View Post
    Oh it's in the "theaters" section on so I thought it was already out.
    Yeah, that list shows movies that will come out that Friday, and usually goes up on Sun/Mon before release.
    If you click on the movie's name and go to its page, it says it's out for release on Aug 23.

    Most movies are prescreened for critics within a few weeks of opening (so they can released the reviews on time and get some press); if you notice, the new fluffy young adult movie coming out on Friday was the only one that didn't have a rating score until today, and the rating ended up being a 17%. They'll hold the reviews until the last possible moment if they fear the reviews could dissuade people from paying to see it.
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    the whole thing bums me out and makes me sad...i mean they're having such a lovely time and then nothing but suckiness. i'll probably watch it tho.
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