A new Doc Savage novel is coming out later this year: 'Doc Savage: Skull Island,' in which Doc is pitted against an island full of dinosaurs, and King Kong.

Doc Savage is more akin to Batman than to superheroes that have super-powers. My first view of Doc Savage was of him wearing that iconic torn shirt and 1930s-style adventurer garb, walking a tight rope high across a river full of rapids and deadly rocks with only his arms to help steady him. Doc doesn't need any body armor, unlike Batman. When the baddies shoot at him, he simply ducks and weaves, and keeps coming at them relentlessly. Doc also doesn't like to rely on guns, but he is an expert marksman. Doc has something of a utility belt, like Batman. But unlike Batman, he doesn't have a dark past, skeletons in the closet, or any apparent mental illness. He's not complex, he simply believes in justice.

Docs three side-kicks are also interesting and skilled characters in their own right.

Every Doc Savage movie that has come out has done nothing more than ruin it.