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    Default Carly Rose Soneclar

    Edit: Sonenclar...

    I saw her on youtube last night, and was floored. This is for those of you who, like myself until just yesterday, haven't heard of her.

    Her audition:

    Rolling in the Deep:

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    I love her! I wish she won rather than Tate Stevens but oh well. Her audition video is still my favorite performance from her just because of the huge impact it has. I hope she'll come out with a successful debut album and not be tossed in with the rest of the forgotten runner-ups, but I guess it must be hard to balance that while staying in high school.
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    I was watching her on the x factor, and she is amazingly talented but there is something sooo creepy about her. Her eyes are so dead and she's so emotionless, it's like she's a robot or sold her soul to the devil or something. Terrifying.

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