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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyGeek View Post
    Ok so I just did some research (aka YouTubing) on the matter and found that all of the Kindles do the weird flash/refresh I find irritating. You probably just don't notice it anymore, as most people easily ignore it.

    Here is a sample video someone made first with flashing and second with very minimal flashing (they ran some custom code or something)
    They've improved over time. Not only are the "flashing" page turns less frequent now (I think those are when the software inverts the pixels of the e-ink to make sure things are in a neutral state), but now the pixels update more quickly, giving quicker page turns. It's not 100% perfect, but it's much less distracting than it used to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superunknown View Post
    I love books. Once I found a postcard from a woman to a Navy man tucked away inside my used copy of The Perfect Storm, wishing he would like the novel.

    And once I found this cool holographic book mark with images of Earth imprinted upon it. Those little odds and ends about the histories of the books I find really add character to my collection...

    Unlike that soulless digital format.
    it's not souless
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Quote Originally Posted by superunknown View Post
    I love books. Once I found a postcard from a woman to a Navy man tucked away inside my used copy of The Perfect Storm, wishing he would like the novel.
    Ha ha, I found a postcard featuring an X-ray Gogs ad inside a library book a couple years ago. It must have been used as a bookmark by the previous borrower. I kept it and still use it as a bookmark.

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    I should add that I deliberately haven't bought the e-ink Kindle (my Nook is still on my sister's account)...impulsive buying...not being able to wait on the book. Cheaper price...enabling me with device, plug and wi-fi. Yeah, I can see it happening and losing even more sleep than ever.

    I already spend enough buying music.

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    Depends entirely on what I am doing.

    Overall--Books. I can flip to other chapters without going through a scroll of things, and my spatial memory serves me better with physical books. If they get wet, they function. If the stewardess on the plane tells you ALL electronics have to be off despite showing her it is in airplane mode, a book will rescue the day. They're cheap, and there is no such thing as a half-price-books for e-books.. and their batteries never die, and you can write cool stuff in them like "Remember this paragraph, it is useful later" to yourself, and shove stuff in them like notes, bills you were suppose to pay, money, and pictures. And your textbooks never expire. My electronic textbook 'expires' when my class does (one year from now) but if I keep my physical copy it never goes away. I'm that weirdo that actually re-reads textbooks.

    However, e-readers have bridged a gap that books sorely lack.
    They have samples. You can download a sample from the store, read it later, and decide if that book is something you want or not. You can buy more books without having to wait until you get to a store. They travel better--you can take an entire collection and series with you, not just one or two because of weight issues. They have LIGHTS. You need nothing else to read that book except the platform itself, and usually they can be dimmed so as to not disturb others. You can listen to music while reading them on some. You can have a book everywhere you go--suddenly stuck in a long line? Your smart phone has your e-book app right there. You can bookmark page numbers and instantly see that archive. You can word search--probably the most useful part of the whole thing. You can search hundreds of pages for that exact bit of text you want to read again. You can highlight without the need of a highlighter.
    (They still have further to go. I'd like to see it where when you bought an e-book you could download the audible version with it as well, so you can choose to read it or listen to it, or both at the same time.)

    I prefer both, but I like the idea and concept of books more. They help me more when studying than e-readers, and I get more enjoyment out of seeing how many pages I breezed through when I should have been sleeping.
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    I don't have any special attachment to either, but ebooks take up less space in your bag and more private.
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    I like both.

    I voted e-books in the poll because you can hold several on one device and you can do things like enlarge or change font, bookmark easily just by tapping the corner of a page,highlight words and take notes without feeling like you're ruining the book.

    I still like real books for how they look and feel. I like the look of a well-stocked bookshelf.
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    I love both. I have a kindle paperwhite and it's the nicest piece of technology I own (I even prefer it to my laptop and I have quite a nice laptop for comp sci undergrad). I bring it everywhere. It's always in my bag. I read a lot more now that I have it - books are so cheap on kindle and I often pick up something in the £0.99 daily deal that I never would have looked twice at otherwise.

    Having said that I prefer books. If I read something on my kindle that I know I want to keep I'll buy a book for my little library if I have the money.

    And yes, there are such things as INTPs who overuse emoticons

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    i cant wait until hardbacks disappear
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    You can't put an e-reader in your pants when you're about to get some hacks from the principal.
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