I apologize if someone posted this before, but I generally believe thread necromancy is detrimental to forum health, so I don't particularly care.

I'm a huge fan of MST3k. Anyway, some of the quys from it have had a project going on for quite some time that is essentially a continuation, but without the puppets. Basically, you purchase an MP3 that includes them riffing over the movie. Usually, it's more of Hollywood blockbusters, and by having the track separate, they are able to sidestep the legal issues that would have made riffing on something like Transformers impossible on the television show.

I'd been intending to give it a shot for quite some time, but I was motivated today today to actually give it a whirl. I selected Episode III (perhaps more so than the other prequels, because it represents the most wasted potential, but that's another theread), because it's a movie I have, a movie I have a grudge against, and a movie with minimal amounts of Jar Jar.

It was worth the 4 bucks.

Favorite exchange?

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From my point of view the jedi are evil!
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From my point of view, a monkey wrote this script with his penis!
I also love that they riff on the fact that everyone's always talking about what an awesome/wise/powerful/skilled/talented Jedi Anakin is, despite not doing anything particularly exceptional for a Jedi.

Anyway, it's easily on par with the stuff on the SOL.

I was wondering who else has checked this out, and which ones have you listened to? There's gotta be some folks here who have done this, at least. NTPs, don't leave me hanging!