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One strange thing is that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is my favorite show in a long time. It is filled with depravity, but I think the difference is that the characters are supposed to be pathetic, there isn't any emo garbage (it doesn't take itself seriously at all), and the characters tend to get exactly what they've got coming. Their manipulative schemes always wind up humiliating them in total proportion to what they deserve.

Dennis and Dee try to scam the welfare system ... they wind up addicted to crack
Charlie concocts a scheme to bang the waitress ... the scheme takes an unexpected turn and she bangs Frank
Dee tries to claim a nonexistent dependent ... she gets audited, tries to have a fake funeral, gets chili powder blown into her eyes, funeral backfires worse than the original situation by far

I mean, every episode is like this, and they are all hilarious. Love that show.
Seinfeld had some of that, which was a draw for me. I can handle pathetic behavior as long as the writers are fair about the outcome.

I haven't really watched much of IASiP, although I've seen a few bits where the guy is hooking up with the trans girl and is presented as kind of a flake for doing so, since it's clear he actually kind of likes her but won't admit to himself that he does (he just pretends it's all about sex), in order to preserve (at least in his mind) his masculinity. His obsession with maintaining that charade exposes him for not being as manly as he would like to believe, at least in the bits I saw.