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We've been discussing music and clothing a lot. What about film, art, interior design, and politics? Reagan and Thatcher? The rise of yuppie culture? Come on, I was in diapers or underoos for most of the decade.
I know I've said this before, but I have a very vivid memory, and I recall Challenger exploding. I was in 3rd grade I think. All us kids wound up screaming or bursting into tears and the teachers were frantically trying to console everyone, turning off the tvs and looking horrified. There were a million kids in the hallways sitting and crying.

In 1985, I was the prototypical 80s kid (only without the money, which is why I formed an attachment to punks and fringey people like John Cusack...). Even though I was a tomboy, I wore a pink leotard with my blue jeans (later, high heels with jeans ). I was attached to my Walkman. I loved Voltron, Tranzor Z, the Transformers, He-Man (my super awesome ISFJ friend bought me both a Soundwave and a Battlecat for my birthday one year because he knew I couldn't afford it back when it was popular....).

I would daydream through class about being dressed like Madonna from her "Lucky Star" video, and my British rock star boyfriend would bust me out of school and we'd take off in his limo for the airport. I never thought of myself as an eight year, just a frustrated 19 year old in a little person's body.

In the late 80s, I was totally into Johnny Depp. Watched 21 Jump St. religiously. My best friend even had a giant poster of him on the back of her door. I couldn't sleep with him looking at me all night. I thought "Cry Baby" was the edge of cool.

The 80s was this one long shiny moment, even when things were bad. I remember LIVING at the roller rink.

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I love the 80's. I graduated high school in 1982, probably in an acid wash denim mini-skirt, high-top reeboks with slouchy socks. And don't forget the banana-comb! Those were the days!
lol!! I must have raided your closet at some point.

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I was 21 in 1990.

As I remember it, there was the 80s that was the post-punk and new wave times , and then there was the 80s that was the later half.

You're right. The late 80's had more in common with the early 90s than it did with the early 80s where the disco era was still winding down.