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  • Yes, I think there are objective principles we can use to evaluate art

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  • No, the value of art is subjective and determined by the individual viewer

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  • It's a combination.

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  • I have some strong objections thread's premise/wording and I am going to write a long post about it.

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    Good Taste, Common Sense and the Revolver

    Quote Originally Posted by FineLine View Post
    First and foremost, I think art has to be entertaining.
    The truth is that art judges us.

    Art judges our taste.

    Art judges our sense of humour.

    Art judges our common sense.

    Art even judges our morals.

    So whenever I see a work of art, I reach for my revolver, and defend myself.

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    Also -- there are some pretty objective things that we factor into our assessments of art, especially as a collective.

    (I haven't really vetted this list for direct relevance, but this stuff came to mind)

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