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    Default Matchbox Twenty :}

    So, they're coming to California in July and I'm excited to see them; they're pretty much my favorite band. I don't know what it is, but no other band does quite the same job of mirroring my feelings. Many people think they're too mainstream, too whiny, emo, whatever. I guess I have terrible taste.

    Here are some of my favorites that I haven't really heard played on the radio much (if ever):


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    I like that band myself. They have quite a few songs that I absolutely love. But wouldn't call it my favourite band. Infact only teenage girls have favourite bands.

    Many people think they're too mainstream, too whiny, emo, whatever.
    It is trendy to dislike what is popular. I believe Justin Bieber is one of the most famous/extreme victims of this.

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    You didn't post the ONE song I love by them.

    But yeah that's it. I don't think they're too mainstream, too whiny, or too emo...otherwise they just kind of bore me, honestly.

    I think I feel about 30 Seconds to Mars the way you feel about Matchbox 20.

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    For some reason (voice 'n' stuff, I guess) they remind me of the following song, although they never have until today:

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    Love Matchbox 20! Was fascinated by their video for Real World when it first came out--the camel and especially the way Rob Thomas enunciated everything. Hope you enjoy the concert @Jonnyboy!
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