I'm just gonna post rudely out of the blue after not posting at all for a while, just because msn is not working for me anymore and suddenly my supply of online subjects has dwindled to just about nothing.

So basicly, I'm trying to find some people. Like two or three or so, although more is welcome as well, to join me on a freshly made tekkit server and have some adventures.

As for server rules, I was thinking that anything Tekkit classic is okay except the magic stuff. Like the block that just clones stuff, etc. I'm thinking the condensor could be okay, but it's probably more fun not using that either. Because you can just shortcut your way through production lines. Oh, and having Skype would be good.

Well, let me know if you're interested. Ofcourse you'd have to own minecraft to play tekkit, but if you do you can download the tekkit launcher here:


I'd also recommend using the Sphax PureBDcraft 128x128 texture pack, because it looks awesome and goes well with tekkit classic.

You can get them here:

I recommend the 128 bit one, but you could go for 64 as well. Basicly you need to download the main texturepack version 1.2.5/1.3.0 and then the Tekkit classic patch. Combine the two zip files into one. Then launch tekkit classic with the tekkit launcher and go to texture packs and then open texture pack folder and put the combined zip file into that folder and load it up. Easy peasy!