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    I don't know how many of you have heard of chess, but it's a two-person board game that takes place on a board with 64 checkered squares:

    In fact, it's like checkers, but a bit more complicated. There are pieces that can move diagonally, but there's also like 5-6 other kinds of pieces. Also like in checkers, you can move some pieces to the end of the board and they get upgraded (but oddly enough, you can't make kings out of them like in checkers, even though kings exist in the game).

    So, who around here plays this thing? Have any Grandmaster-level tips? Best ways to learn the game? Best computer/mobile chess applications? Experience programming a cool chess engine like Shredder or Deep Blue?

    I used to play way back in the day and am just now getting back into it. After relearning () some general strategy, I'm still getting the hang of maintaining an internal guidebook of opening moves.

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    I've played that game before. The king is impotent and the queen is omnipotent.

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    I would suggest looking around StumbleUpon for chess strategies. I've found some cools sites on my journey, but I'd have to go through a bunch of pages in my account if you really want them. I am decent I usually play level 8 or so ai in programs, but against my friends who have been in tournaments it is harder to hold my own. Generally, you want to use knights before bishops and control the center. I play pretty gutsy/off the cuff though because I find it boring if I do not.

    Lately, I've been kind of fascinated by Arimaa which uses similar principles, but is harder for an ai to play well
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    I used to play chess a lot and ran a chess computer for an online server for a while, designed to be a challenge for novices and intermediate players (it was hard for me to even beat the thing)

    One general tip I have is to make moves that develop other pieces, and try to avoid making moves that you'll have to take back on the next turn - for example moving a bishop to the other side of the board where it becomes threatened by a pawn with backup, forcing you to retreat which is effectively losing a move, except in cases where it's desirable to mess with the opponents structure, but even then a good player will wonder why you're apparently trying to give away your piece.

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    I will play anyone on this forum at Send me PMs to arrange a game.
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    SW, I'm too scared to play; you seem very self-assured in your ability to destroy opposition.

    Perhaps though @Within would be a worthy competitor.

    Within recently had a strange chess avatar, so that's where I'm getting this from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorWizard View Post
    Perhaps though @Within would be a worthy competitor.
    I've not played for years. I prefer Go these days.

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