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    Quote Originally Posted by Duck_of_Death View Post
    -Unbreakable. Took over a year to warm up to it.
    -Vertigo. Hated first time I saw it; now in top ten.
    -Apocalypse Now. Weird, baffling, saw it when young--Ni wasn't developed at that point.
    -The Bourne Trilogy. Meh, at first. But Ultimatum improved the series entire.
    -2001: A Space Odyssey. B-O-R-I-N-G. Came to enjoy. Good Ni food.
    I went looking through my previous posts to find this thread just so I could mention Apocalypse Now. Good call, sir.

    I don't recall liking it the first time I saw it years ago, but now I would say it's probably the best war movie I've ever seen, especially of the Vietnam era. It almost has a film noir presence to it. They don't make movies of this caliber anymore.

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    American Psycho.. at first it was very ..morbid and a bit scary for me haha but then I really began to appreciate and fall in love with Patrick Bateman even more, now it's one of my favourite movies

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    When I was a child, my older sister discovered The Rocky Horror Picture & excitedly informed me that I would LOVE "The Time Warp". She was like, "This totally reminds me of you. Everything about this is YOU!". But I was an ornery, stubborn child and when people tried to get me to like something, I'd resist as a knee-jerk reaction. I was like, "NO, I will NOT like it!" .

    So I stubbornly insisted on not liking The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but once I got a bit older & let go of my bias, I did like it. I wouldn't say I love it now, but my sister was entirely right about The Time Warp - it is right up my alley.
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    Moved some posts on a different topic into their own thread about that topic.

    The discussion can continue there, but the hostility that was creeping into it should not.

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