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Thread: Pokemon X and Y

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    How much do you want to bet that the usual option to disable battle animations isn't going to be in this game, thus making it like FF7, where often fights are just a matter of enduring the interminable spell sequences?
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    Yeah, thankfully Pokemon isn't really a game you play for its graphics. That said, they have a certain style that you learn to love and sort of get attached to, which makes it strange when they do something like this. The problem with Pokemon is, they got the mechanics right in R/B, leaving little to improve upon apart from small details. I just hope they've found something bigger than details in these games.

    I won't be waiting until Z; if it's anything like the past that'll be in another 2 years or so... which is far too long for me to wait.

    At least it's the first heroine to be blond, which makes a change I guess. Looks better than D/Ps (who IMO looks like she has a bag on her head from the in-game sprites).

    @Magic Poriferan

    Haha. You might be right, but I still think they'll insert a disable option. They did in Colosseum (if I remember correctly). To be honest though they'll be fun to watch more than anything, plus it'll probably only be as short as before. I'm guessing you disabled it in previous games?

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    @Magic Poriferan - Oh come now. You're being so pessimistic. Give it a chance! The graphics obviously aren't as good as some of the games out there on the 3DS, but I for one am glad that they are doing something different for once. After the release of Black and White 2 (really now?), I thought the series was pretty much done for in terms of quality. They were too lazy to even make up new Pokémon for it. For some reason people still liked it and were excited about it, but I don't understand the appeal.

    Maybe the new games will be an improvement, and maybe they won't...but the series would just end up like stale bread if they don't start taking some sort of risks.

    And don't you dare insult my poor Chespin. D: He's the first grass starter I actually like.

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    I am super-mega-fucking-excited about this. Don't be fooled by my avatar, I love the new gens better than the oldies (fave Pkmn is Roserade).

    RE: grafix

    I fail to see the problem, quite frankly. No, they are nothing to write home about, but come on, they're just getting started. It's a work in progress; it's not supposed to be amazing fresh off the boat. Future Pkmn games will improve their 3D graphics, I'm sure. It can't be worse than the old graphics of RBY and GSC or even RSE, which I can't handle anymore because I'm too used to the DS graphics by now, lol.

    Anyways, my thoughts on the Pogeys...

    Chespin: Will be choosing him fo' sho'! Grass types for the win; see avatar. He's adorkable and I hope his final evo is Grass/Dark.

    Fennekin: I don't care about foxes, and even if this one ends up being Fire/Psychic (well, his final evo), I'm not here for that. Emboar is the only fire starter that I worship (no, IDC about Blaziken/Infernape, don't choke on your drink).

    Froakie: If it ends up having a badass evolution and a cool Water-Fighting typing I might go with it instead of Chespin, but it'd have to be the case that Chespin's final evo is really disappointing. We'll see, I guess. It's nice to finally have a frog that will, in all likelihood, have good stats, unlike the balanced (and mediocre) stats of Politoed, Poliwrath and Seismitoad (IDC about Toxicroak).

    Xerneas: Cool, but I don't think it's part Grass, and will probably not use it. I think I like Yveltal better.

    Yveltal: 'Tis fucking badass, and I love the letter Y as well as the phonetic sound /y/. I think I'm definitely getting Pokemon Y, hmm!
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