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    Default Lark plans to see the US

    Well I discovered that I only have four days annual leave left between now and when I get my allocations of annual leave, boo, although it means that come april or may I'll have thirty three days to take again, yay, so I'm considering travelling and not just to Edinburgh as I have done previously.

    I'm thinking about the big old US of A, so what is there to see and what would you recommend as unmissable? It can be something local to you, I'm happy to hear about the mundane or personal as much as the natural wonders or tourist traps, also if you'd recommend any travel guides or websites I'd be happy to check them out, at present I've got an eye witness USA travel guide, its got a lot of pictures and seems to be as good as the lonely planet guide which looked like it was just listings and listings of accomodation.

    I've also got a huge ass Lonely Planet book called Great Adventures which I'm sure does feature the US but I've not had the chance to read it.

    Alternatively if you're not from the US, for instance if you're Canadian, I'm open to persuasion as to why I should visit your country instead, maybe not this year but go ahead and tell me why it should be something I do in 2014.
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    Texas has Enchanted Rock, the world's largest above ground piece of granite and "holy place" of native Americans for centuries.

    Good luck, have fun.

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    Definitely pay a visit to Detroit.

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    You could do a twofer -- go to Niagara Falls and walk across the bridge to Ontario, Canada. (The Canada side actually looks more interesting. Too bad there is not much else on our side there.)

    Quote Originally Posted by The Ü View Post
    Definitely pay a visit to Detroit.
    Yeah, you're a real sweetheart.
    Maybe he'll see Robocop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ü View Post
    Definitely pay a visit to Detroit.

    (In case you don't know, @Lark, you probably don't really want to visit Detroit. )

    I know MSP is on the list, we can drive down to Chicago too. In US terms it's just a short drive (of 6-8 hours).
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    Sounds fun!

    If you enjoy hiking, there are so many beautiful landscapes. I can recommend some other, smaller attractions as well, if you end up in Boston/New England as part of your trip.

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    I've been to the US twice. Ironically the most fun I had during the visit to the US was the time spent at Mexico.

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    Just forget all that and go to NYC!

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    On the west coast there's a lot of beautiful attractions. My plan is to go to Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon and then take good ole' route 66 (even though now there's another, faster highway) to Big Sur and then work my way through California.

    But there's a lot of genuinely beautiful attractions on the west coast if nature if what you're into.

    If it's city life and luxury you want, I definitely recommend Vegas. You can get lots of hustle, luxury, and REALLY cool shows for cheap there if you plan ahead. (We didn't plan ahead at all and ended up getting discounted tickets to Cirque)

    I can't vouch for New York, but I know it's huge and there is lots to do there too. But, since I like nature more than city life, I'll opt for suggesting the West coast.
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    It's kinda hard to see anything here in four days lol

    Some of the top places are the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Niagra Falls, Vegas, Chicago, ect... stuff people have already said.

    The problem is you have to kind of pick just one of those places unless you plan to fly around inside the country some how, or spend half your time driving. It's just huge here.

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