I've watched this and it can't be unseen:

I've spent at least 400 euros (or what, 600? 800? It's been 20 years now) on games after the Doom I-II series and I can agree on the problems of almost all of them:
-cutscenes that interrupt the action
-unnecessary storytelling
-idiotic scares, like monster in the closet
-more idiotic scares, like screen filling with blood when you're attacked
-stupid, unnecessary background stories and more cutscenes

So what's wrong with all of them, specifically?
-Mass effect series is really awesome as a game & interactive movie & story thing, but instant recovery of health and instant invulnerability when covered are really lame if you'd rather want a shooter
-crysis. Suit modes. Unneeded gimmickry.
-max payne. Awesome story, good mood, but .. what you gonna shoot from 3rd perspective? Scripted events? No, it's not a good shooter.
-Far cry. This almost doesn't suck. I don't know what's specifically bad with it. It's borderline good. Damned it!
-Call of Duty (various): Linear storyline, scripted events.. so unsatisfying, if you want more than yet another interactive storytelling. Dang, it has good graphics, though.
-Doom III. No duct tape on mars. Cheap-ass scares, aka. monsters jump from the closet & low lightning. That doesn't make a good shooter.
-Battlefield 3 campaign/solo player mode. Heavy scripts, linear storytelling, buggy PC version, "return to combat area".

But.. there has been good shooters too.
-Doom I, II. Demons, little to no scripts, just tons of enemies, with occasional quiet moments. Nothing to interrupt from the Game.
-Unreal. No interrupts either, just enemies. Ok. A little bit of scripted events, usually involving a little waiting.
-Some of the old Star Wars themed shooters based on a modified duke nukem engine. More uninterrupted action, little scripted events, music follows the game.
-Duke Nukem.

Many of the shooters which failed (imho) in single player game do nicely in multiplayer.
-Counter Strike
-Far cry

So, I guess I like single player campaigns to look more like multiplayer games rather than the interactive movies they often are.