Describe what kind of Elder Scrolls character you created or would plan on creating (in any Elder Scrolls game like Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim).

Anyway, now that the hype of Skyrim has died down, I was considering returning back to the classic game of Oblivion. It took me a while to think of a good character build for Oblivion, and I finally decided upon the below design:
Game - Oblivion
Name - Poimandres
Race - Male High Elf (vampire)
Birthsign - Apprentice
Class - Archon (custom)
Specialization - Magic
Attributes - Willpower, Speed
Skills - Blade, Mysticism, Alteration, Destruction, Marksman, Acrobatics, Athletics
Description - Uses 50% reflect and shield spells with minor ailment (i.e. damage fatigue 1 point) to capitalize on the apprentice's 100% weakness to magic and hence get reflect spell 100% to cover up the weakness to magic as well as a 100% shield spell against physical damage. Speed and movement in combat are also essential for dodging and striking. Destruction combined with blade and marksman should deal a variety of heavy damage. Being a vampire will also increase overall power, at the cost of NPC interaction and daylight hours. He also uses 8 pieces of fortify magicka 50 points clothing enchanted by transcendant sigil stones to maximize magicka at 800 points, making for a character theoretically possessing virtually ultimate power, albeit at a cost.