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    Default Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

    For those who have yet to see the trailer shown at the VGA's the other day:

    Though not expressly billed, this will be a new entry in the Metal Gear saga. Apart from the apparent main character's resemblance to Snake, evidence supporting this claim is ridden throughout the trailer and the circumstance of its reveal: Hideo Kojima was spotted wearing a Moby Dick Studio's shirt, as well as the CEO of Moby Dick Studio (Joakim Mogren) being both an anagram for Kojima and bearing the word 'ogre', as in Kojima's previously announced "Project Ogre".

    There was also this, promo'd for Ground Zeroes:

    "From 'Fox', two phantoms were born." Indicative of two plot threads for MGSV? A more subtle nod to previous entries would be a flash card titled 'NO ESCAPE'. I think back to earlier trailers in the MGS series that played on the concept of "No Place to Hide". This, combined with the moody atmosphere of the trailer, suggests this will be the darkest entry to the MGS series yet. But who is this main character? Big Boss, at the end of MGSIV, still owned both his hands before dying. The man shown in this trailer and MGSV: Ground Zeroes are both obviously younger in appearance than Solid Snake, though they appear to be two different characters: the one in Ground Zeroes is clearly shown making use of his left arm, as well as being confirmed to be Big Boss by Kojima himself.

    What do you think?

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    Wow...that trailer was weird. Looks promising, though.
    Never can get enough Metal Gear.

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