Has anyone seen it?

I recommend this sweet, tender period drama/mini-series set in East London/tenements in the 1950s, where many, many babies were being born. The story line follows the nurse midwives delivering the babies and ministering to the health needs of the community. It is based on the memoirs of one of the nurses. Features strong main characters, many tender and also funny moments. I especially enjoyed any part of the story line involving Nurse Chummy. My understanding is that the series is not always historically accurate, and it might be a little too rosy-colored and overly nostalgic for some in its view of the world. However, I appreciated the absence of overt sarcasm and cynicism, and the warmth and intimacy with which the series approaches each of the characters and the important moments of life: beginnings and also endings.

There are six, hour-long episodes, and it is available for free online streaming through Dec 5. You can view it on the PBS website.

The series contains somewhat graphical medical scenes, obviously.