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    I'm sad to hear about your medical issues. There was another young guy who also had a heart attack. His happened on Christmas day, and he died. His name was Ben Breedlove, and he suffered from Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). I'll pray for you.


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    Aren't you an atheist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mane View Post
    so... did anyone expect anything good coming form lucas retaining the star wars franchise?

    i can understand somewhat some disgruntledness at disney's IPs hoarding practices... but i'm dumbfounded by the reaction - wtf is there for the star wars franchise to lose? certainly not it's dignity.
    This is how I feel. Actually, I think this is promising. It probably won't be like "old Star Wars" but I think it has a very high potential to be good. Of course, some people can't let go of griping about "Klingon forehead ridges" level shit. I can't see it being more disappointing than Episode III.

    We were just going to keep getting more ridiculous "tweaks" and "improvements" to the movies. There will be much bitching about this in the fanbase, but the fanbase will continue to buy the latest holocube release anyway. We probably wouldn't get any new movies, but we'd get lot of enhancements that don't really add anything and are distracting more than anything else. Puppets replaced with shitty CG that doesn't match with anything else, that sort of hogwash. Meanwhile the shitty writing/editing in Episode III would not be corrected.
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