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    In hindsight, I only enjoyed the third story.

    It was absurd, painfully self-aware, incomprehensible, sardonic and downright moronic.
    A wonderful deconstruction of the "found footage" and slasher genres respectively.
    Fairly relaxed being B-rated dreck--I appreciate this.

    The other chapters encompass everything that is wrong with horror cinema today.

    The gratuitous booby shots were very welcome, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind-Up Rex View Post
    Sinister seems to be our One Last Hope for good horror this year, but the trailers have left me pretty cold. There's a couple of indie's that I've heard good things about, namely the Innkeepers (which incidentally was the same guy who directed the segment in v/h/s about the guy and the girl on a honeymoon in Arizona), but I'm not holding my breath.
    Finished watching Innkeepers. Sadly, it's not really worth it. I can't say it was a shoddy piece of work. My thoughts:
    - Decent visuals/framing/camera tracking
    - Decent supportive score and credits music.
    - Decent acting (although you could see the difference between the two leads and an old pro like McGillis)
    - Scares were few and far between
    - Could have used a better budget (very little cast, one basic setting, special effects weren't bad but might have been better)
    - Needed a better script -- much of the banter did occur very naturally between the two leads, but the script didn't really explain much at all so that the movie's ending felt unfulfilling, it just was very very thin. And once again, we have an ending where a character does something really really senseless for no apparent reason and would have known better. i.e., contrivance.

    It's a shame that the script/plot would actually do a movie in, as if that had been better then I would consider it a solid effort from a young director.
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