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    Default gaming achievements and psychology

    list your greatest gaming achievements and what ennea, mbti, function attributes you would suspect to credit for. Oh and insticts too.

    Id say, mine was to be leader of a top 5 clan of my country in runescape (and generally always aimed for the 2 in visible power position at whatever clans appealed to me.)

    aand gaining top 1 position in one game, and similar in runescape.(never met anyone who had achieved more in my specialty) Top 1 was in a game based on speed of thinking to efficacy of skill ratio basis of foundation.

    On both i always exhibited my 4w3 charasteristics heavily, enough on the latter for people to fear low (volunteeraly stucked) levels more as i permanently stucked myself and yet gained the top 1 despite popular view on levels being relevant for such. I generally always switch to what people believe to be the worst whenever ive mastered a game. Oh, the reaactions.. =']

    almost makes me wish i still liked games.

    On halo 3, i mastered the use of what was believed to be 2nd worst weapon (magnum) and created account named smognum. It rather nicely fits when you hear a single shot of a crap weapon, then confusedly look at yoursel "dead!!?" and read at small print 'killed by smognum', it doesnt help when that keeps happening and generally always ending as top 1 of each match. Practical sarcasm.. =)

    i always repeat the same pattern in every game, which led me to abandon gaming bitterly. oMMm.. I realized im doing same pattern in music too, bought what people believe to be horrible which actually is secretely the best.(in right hands)
    I also do eccentrict streching numbers in the middle of a busy city only to attract confused onlookers.

    Hm.. Yeah, any and every story is and are welcome. And im expecting.

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    Plug n play. Zone in. Pwn. Leave.
    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard

    Music provides one of the clearest examples of a much deeper relation between mathematics and human experience.

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    I almost beat Mario Bros. once.

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    Epeen time!

    ..Just kidding. I'm partial to my gaming achievements. I feel pride and apathy at the same time. Anyway:


    INTP, 9w8, sp/sx

    First (and biggest) notable gaming achievement:

    Anyhow, my earlier achievements were finishing single player games until internet came along and along with it came Action Quake 2. A modification of Quake 2 that delivered very fast paced team vs team action. I have played that mod for the better part of two years quite actively, grown in skill quite a lot and went from 0.3 frags per minute in the early days all the way to a stunning 2 frags per minute on average in my peak. There was a site that logged many of the servers and kept scores of all the players, and I ranked first in the world for one week of 250k registered AQ2 player names (of which 150k were probably unique and the rest aliases.)

    That was my first noteworthy achievement in gaming and at the time it filled me with great sense of pride.


    After getting bored with AQ2, and with it first person shooters, I saight refuge in the RPG genre, especially classic RPG. My 'gaming achievements' at this point in time were more to do with programming. For example, I had made many unoffical bug fixes in the early days for the game Arcanum and gained international fame in the online arcanum community. Now there's a much bigger unofficial patch made by someone else for the game, but that patch is still largely based on my own early patch. Ironically, I find that pleasing, even though my own work is now outdated. But the fact remains, for anyone still wanting to play that game, they can do so now without the many bugs that are present in the retail version of the game, and that is largely because of me!

    Notable gaming achievements in WoW:

    World of Warcraft has been a the main focus of gaming for me for quite a few years. In this I've made some notable achievements. But just to name a few of the most notable, I'd have to skip forward to the second expansion and my multiboxing career (call it career because it's not something that can really be done casually, while at the same time achieving, well, anything.).

    -TBC, arena season 3: Reaching 2050 rating in 5v5, whilest playing 4 of the 5 players all by myself (which was the only season I actively PVP'd, the fact that you needed to grind the battlegrounds for new gear every season got me bored too fast.)
    -WotLK, world first multiboxer clearing all 5-man heroics solo, of which occulus was the crown instance for multiboxers alike.
    -WotLK, World first quad+ multiboxer to clear 10-man Karazhan (the second to do so was a month after me and after a few nerfs of the instance.) And the first multiboxer (and quite possible the only to this day) to achieve undying titles whilest playing four of the ten players myself (and being 1 through 4 on the dps list, so it's not like I was boosted either). I know only of a few dual-boxers (people that play two characters) that also achieved undying in 10 man, as far as I am aware, no one playing three or more has achieved it in the same raid lockout.

    Unfortunately. Multiboxing takes up a lot of your time and around the time I started touring europe for work, I lost the time I needed to keep it up and quit multiboxing.

    Ever since I've been a much more casual gamer, and as such have not made any achievements that rivaled any of the ones above.

    My take on gaming achievements, focusing on psychology aspects. They are personal achievements, you won't gain anything special from those achievements, but they are still achievements made doing what you like doing. And there is nothing wrong with having some pride of the achievements you made spending on your hobby. But at the same time, you have to be able to give it a place in your life, and not let it overshadow your real life environment. I learned that the hard way when I quit multiboxing. Since it needed a lot of time and effort to be a multiboxer at the peak of the multiboxing community, it went at the cost of my work a few times. Nothing too serious, but the negative effects were there. When I needed to focus more on work, the only choice I really had was to quit multiboxing alltogether. It is simply not something you can just do casually.
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    The psychology of any and all PvP gamers.

    Half the fun was reading the chat in the lobby.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vilku View Post
    list your greatest gaming achievements
    Most notably, 2300 rating in the 3v3 arena bracket in World of Warcraft a couple of years ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vilku View Post
    and what ennea, mbti, function attributes you would suspect to credit for. Oh and insticts too.
    No single function or type, even instincts. Just a gargantuan amount of time and will put into mastering it.

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    Compared to most kids I knew, I didn't spend much time playing video games growing up. I owned a Nintendo though (8-14 y.o., I pretty much stopped playing in HS).
    It is funny, even though I haven't seen these games in decades (my brother, the gamer in the family has the Nintendo and the games), the music brings a strange sense of nostalgia.

    Also, during one of my internships in my early 20s, one of my roommates had a Dream Cast and a Soul Caliber game.
    I got home really late on most days after work, and my roommate let me play. I got almost all the achievements and opened up almost all the things in the game.

    I was very much, a think-through-how-to-respond-in-a-situation-and-practice-responding-that-way player. I didn't tend to play many different games. I played one, maybe two games till I got really good, and then moved on. I think I got good because I found the game-play fun, and wanted to get good at the game.

    I doubt I would have the patience to beat these same games now. I have a Wii (mainly to get Wii fit), and a Zelda game that I barely ever played. I haven't used my Wii in over a year and a half.

    Still, I played most of the games on the arcade on this site and am currently both "King of the Arcade" and "Leader of the Leaderboard", for the time-being. I know it won't last--there are less than 30 people playing now, and it seems like a good way to procrastinate

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
    Robot Fusion
    "As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance." John Wheeler
    "[A] scientist looking at nonscientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy." Richard Feynman
    "[P]etabytes of [] data is not the same thing as understanding emergent mechanisms and structures." Jim Crutchfield

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    I beat this:

    Not perfectly like in the video, but I did it.

    Don't let the cutesy graphics fool you. This game is serious and seriously HARD. Not the hardest in the world but way harder than average shooter fare.

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