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Thread: Anime top 10

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    Default Anime top 10

    Fluffywolf's Anime top 10
    (feel free to post your top 10, but trust me, it's pretty hard to come up with a top 10, haha.)

    I watch all anime's with japanese language and english subtitles, because dub voices tend to be rather sucky and those japanese know how to voicecast. Also since a lot of anime revolves around fantasy worlds, seeing it in another language gives a nice vibe to it. I recommend anyone to watch anime with english subtitles.

    1. Casshern Sins
    Piece of art. Some people find the slow pace appaling, but to me it only adds more to the story. Set in an apocalyptic world where highly advanced artificially intelligent robots seek salvation, this anime deals with many very deep questions about life and shows you all the angles and sides to the stories. It is an anime that is bound to stir up some emotions and thoughts when watched. Overall a fat 9, probably my number 1 anime at the moment. The music is also suberb!

    2. Juuni Kokuki (Twelve Kingdoms)
    Wonderful creation. There are just two issues I have with the anime. The first is that halfway through the anime tells a side story, which isn't that bad and enriches the world, but I had to prevent myself from skipping to the episode that continues the main story. And the other one is that it is too short, hah! Anyhow, if you start watching this, you will first notice that you won't like the protagonist much at all. I almost gave up on this anime after two or three episodes because I just didn't like her. But I urge you to give it the attention it deserves. Trust me the anime keeps on getting better and better.

    3. Claymore
    Horror/monster anime following the adventures of Clare, a silver-eyed witch otherwise called Claymore who are part human and part monster. The ending isn't true to the Manga it is based on, but then again, the manga still hasn't finished. Considering some other anime's diverting from manga though, this anime does it rather well. The ending is a bit pushed, but still good enough. The fact that this is the anime that got me interested in anime's might bias me a bit though.

    4. Wolf's Rain
    Very interesting, but rather murky anime about a dystopian world. The ending leaves you with questions, but there are a lot of very interesting topics the anime focuses on and the characters are quite colorful. It's an emotional rollercoaster.

    5. Seirei no Moribito
    Had a lot of fun watching this. It's loosely based on Japanese customs/religions yet entirely set in a fantasy world. The story follows a proud female spearwielder. Great action scenes, awesome main character. If the boy was a bit more mature and the granny a bit less over the top this would have been my number 1 anime. But despite it's few shortcomings, it is worth the watch! I love strong female protagonists.

    6. Kurau Phantom Memory
    Quite a decent sci-fi/fantasy anime about strong interpersonal connections and humanity. Great ending too. Loved this one pretty much throughout, it has very few weak moments.

    7. Spice and Wolf, season 1 and 2
    Lovely romantic anime that is based on the similarly titled light novels, which I am collecting as well, although it will take a few more years for all 17 novels to get translated and published in english.

    8. Mutsu Enmei Ryuu Gaiden: Shura no Toki
    Good edo era samurai story that deals with three different generations/stories about an unusual fightstyle. Out of the many samurai anime's out there (like Samurai Champloo, Samurai X, etc.), this one is probably my favorite of them.

    9. Kiba
    Kiba is a nice take on the more childish game-like anime's (like pokemon/beyblade, etc) in a more mature jacket. Minus a few, rather random 'filler' episodes, the main story isn't bad and I found myself growing quite attached to the protagonist. It's not the kind of anime I usually go for, but this one in particular I did find worth while.

    10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Okay, it's a little bit on the juvenile side, character reactions tend to be over the top and bad guys tend to be overly cliché. But whereas I tend to dislike it in most anime's, it isn't too bothersome or dominant in this one. Perhaps there is just such a good side to the anime that the bad side isn't an issue anymore. The anime offers a very interesting story about two young brothers in a strange world. It's quite entertaining.
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    Not necessarily in order, but WR is my favourite.

    Wolf's Rain
    It's dark, quickly becomes quite depressing, has great music, and Darcia is probably my favourite anime villain of all time. The dub can get annoying at times (Kiba and Toboe), but it's not bad, and I like both of Darcia's voices.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Perhaps for a younger audience, but with some dark themes. I particularly like the development of the military characters and other adults, even more so than Ed and Al. The Ishval volume of the manga is brutal but excellent - unfortunately the corresponding episode felt rushed, though it was still good (as was the young-Roy OVA). The dub is very well done as far as dubs go... Roy and Riza are great.

    Cowboy Bebop
    Fun, great soundtrack, and just generally awesome (especially the episodes in which Vicious appears - I like villains). I generally watch the dub because I like Steven Blum.

    Spice & Wolf
    A beautiful series with a romantic leaning that does a good job of making you forget you're essentially watching a show about economics... dub is not bad but I prefer the sub.

    Long, a bit on the juvenile side and full of bosses-of-the-day and power upgrades, but still a very entertaining series. It was adapted fairly well from the manga with some filler additions, though I enjoyed the Kanda-centered filler because he's my favourite. The manga has gotten pretty confusing now, but the Alma arc was lovely (and sad). It's too bad the anime hasn't been renewed to catch up. The music is good but repetitive at times. I generally watch the dub because I'm lazy and usually doing something else at the same time, but it's pretty bad. I like Travis Willingham, but sub and dub Kanda are world's apart, and not always in a good way. Sub wins by far.

    Death Note
    One of the first animes I ever watched; it's safe to say that it is the show that got me hooked. Both versions are good but I prefer the sub.

    Code Geass
    Things fell apart a bit in R2, but I still found it extremely entertaining. Interesting story, nice variety of character designs and personalities... Lloyd is probably my favourite. Dub's not bad.

    Silly at times (especially the dub), but entertaining and much more bearable in sub. I like Grell and William. I found it a bit hit or miss with some episodes that I found exceptionally boring (and I can't stand Elizabeth), but overall not bad.

    I've seen more than that and have about half a dozen partially completed that I need to work on...

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