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    Default Guild Wars 2 Archetypes

    Any Guild Wars 2 Beta-players out there?
    How would you type the races and classes' MBTI? I don't play the Beta so i don't much about them.

    Engineer: ENTP, ISTP not sure but would fit
    Warrior: ESTX
    Guardian: ESXJ
    Necromancer: INTJ
    Ranger: ENFP?, ISTP?
    Elementalist: INTP

    Asura: Would say XNTP
    Human: ESXJ
    Sylvari: INFP
    Norn: ESTX
    Charr: ISTP, ESTX

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    Im in the beta and im going to be playing when it comes out as well.

    Incidentally you didnt type the thief. But ive not really put any thought into MBTI types for this game.
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    Yeah i forgot the thief - extx maybe

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