A friend of mine and I are intent on writing a short chapbook from epistolary perspectives, what likely will be a simple drama(based on current projections).

It occurred to me that I should like to portray characters (amongst other traits) by regional association, at different reading levels, and writing patterns. This last, that of writing patterns, I have been drawn to conclude, is greatly lacking on points of reference, and has little exposition on it's variety(common cluster literary devices, idiomatic subject consistency, and other what-have-you).

I would like to propose communal idea mining out a scaffolding of thought on this subject.

In other words, that we might expound on more macro-cosmic informal writing styles.

I realize I could easily have gone to a more literary oriented forum or some such, however I find myself familiar with a few of the long term members here, and interested in thoughts from a background of typological presupossition, although I would not be so interested in a direct translation of personality typology into a literary version.

May I ask your thoughts?