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    Default Justine Henin resigns

    Justine quits tennis.
    Shocking news to us, Belgians. Within a year the two best players (remember Kim Clijsters) retire.
    And this makes me curious: how were they perceived in the rest of the world?
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    I liked her. The semi finals match that she came from behind to beat J-Cap in the US Open semi's was one of the most competitive matches I've seen in ALL of sports in ALL my life. What was that, maybe 4 years ago??? I had heard yesterday when watching news that Annika Sorens...(sp-2) retired that Justine was calling a press conf to do the same. I was really surprised that she wasn't playing out the season, just "Bon Voyage, people, I'm audi!"

    Honestly, I'm not a huge follower of tennis. I would've liked to have seen Clijsters play in real life, just to see her do the splits as she comes to the net. Her thighs are supposed to be pretty ripped too. They were both respected here but overall not much traction. People would rather criticize the Williams sisters for what they weren't doing but in all honesty what would American tennis have been without them for the past decade? Davenport was good but not lasting or enduring to fans. The halfie Pierce who couldn't win anything. Who else???

    I'm glad Henin made it to number 1. For a while women's tennis was more compelling to me than men's. And even that was kind of a reach. Now I suppose i should see Federer and Nadal but I don't feel like I'm robbing myself by not venturing out. I'm not a Sharapova fan. I got a buddy who works for The Tennis Channel and was considering heading out to Indian Wells this summer but now that there's no Justine and Serena will prolly be on the shelf, I'm not so sure there's anything drawing me to head out there.

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    I would've liked to have seen Clijsters play in real life, just to see her do the splits as she comes to the net.
    Oh yeah, very true. I give each woman 9/10.

    I'm from South Australia, the home of Lleyton Hewitt, who was to marry Clijsters before she broke off the engagment (smart woman). So the newspaper (only one major newspaper in South Australia) never seemed to like her after that. But now Hewitt has married some piece of Australian pop-music royalty and everyone has pretty much forgotten about the whole thing.

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