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If you take Beowulf as an example. It is a very good arguement that adult hollywood style animations is not going to be the norm any time soon. With production costs at 150 mil and a gross of like 90 or so, they lost out on quite a bit with making that movie.
To be fair, Beowulf sucked. Even though I advocate the position that adults won't see adult-themed animated movies, It's hard to pin the failure of Beowulf on that.

Of course something could probably be said about the high production costs. Was that really neccesary? A think a good production team could make a similar quality animation for much, much less. Then it might be feasable.
It's not as easy as that. Computer animated films don't suffer from bloated budgets any more than traditional films do. In fact, VFX is one of the aspects of film production that studios try to save money on. VFX work is farmed out to vendors who can be pinched because they are eager to land the contract, and VFX is such a relatively new field that it is one of the few movie production specialties that doesn't have a labor union.