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    Default Divergent book series

    Has anyone read the Divergent book series by Veronica Roth? Any thoughts on the MBTI types of the characters or the type correlations for the five factions?

    I've read both Divergent and it's sequel Insurgent and I'm having a hard time coming up wtih an MBTI type for the major characters. Maybe because Tris and Tobias/Four are divergent types and don't neatly fit into one faction. Alot of the characters are rather complex rather than being cookie cutter stereotypes, which I suppose adds to the challenge of typing them.

    My rough guess would ISTP for Tris just because she reminds me somewhat of Katniss from Hunger Games who I also type as ISTP.

    For Tobias/Four, I have no idea. I found a Q & A page and the author of the book, thought ISFJ but I don't know how much she was really thinking of Myers-Briggs when writing the book. In some ways he kind of fits ISFJ but in some ways not.

    I think the five factions can be roughly correlated as follows:

    Dauntless (emphasizes bravery): SP
    Abnegation (emphasizes selflessness): F, especially SFJ
    Candor (emphasizes honesty): T
    Erudite (emphasizes knowledge and learning): NT
    Amity (emphasizes peacefulness): F, especially NFP

    Any thoughts as to the characters types and the types of the factions?
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    pretty old thread i know but i had to add what i thought so here it goes

    Tris: hmm really not sure, pretty sure not SJ and probably and introvert
    Tobias: the author said ISFJ and i pretty much agree with that i guess
    Caleb : ISFJ or ISTJ
    Jeanine : INTJ seems most likely could be an extrovert though
    Eric: ESTP perhaps
    Tris's mum: INFJ
    cant really say for any of the other characters as i havent read it in awhile

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    Tris: INTP or ISTP
    Tobias: ISTJ or ISFJ
    Christina: ENFJ
    Will: ISTP
    Al: ISFP
    Caleb: ISTJ
    Jeanine: INTJ
    Cara: INTP

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    Tris: INTP
    Tobias: ISTJ
    Christina: ENFJ
    Caleb: INTJ

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    I remember reading that Veronica Roth went through a phase where she was very obsessive about typing herself, and the series grew out of that. She’s probably no stranger to this forum.

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