So, I just started watching Lost...and quite frankly, I can't tell if the story is so horribly schizophrenic that I can't put two and two together...or if there is nothing to put together in the first place. The story line is basically a mess of tangents...with no real rhyme or reason...or perhaps I still haven't put it all together. Either way, it's pissing me off.

Here is what I have to say so far (I've only watched the first and second season, and the beginning of the third)...

1) I'm not sure why everyone is always freaking out about something. So Locke wants to go into the jungle by himself...let him. I'm not sure how the authority structure plays out. Why not just gather everyone together...and form a plan? Instead they form plans in secret...and it causes messes that can be avoided.
2) The others, I think, are just themselves...but since they are dipping in and out of consciousness...they mistake "the others" as someone else. Echo for example...sees what I assume are hallucinations of his brother...caused by guilt and such...and then he sees situations that are actually real...then he transfers his reality onto actual reality. Then he starts acting on this false reality, and freaks everyone out. The same thing goes on with everyone else.
3) The "always having to push a button", I'd assume, is allegorical to the meaningless-ness of corporate existence.

I just get the sense that the show was very crudely put together and when it started gaining traction, they didn't know what to do with it so they just introduced a whole bunch of plot lines and just went with it.

The results so far don't seem impressive...and I'm wondering if it's worth my time to continue watching it...or just find an article or something that gives me a quick summary.