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    I'll see what server I get on when the game begins, I plan to be playing Guild Wars 2 with a friend I know. So I'll be in the same server as him no matter what happens.

    I've been looking at the game footage, I might just play warrior or engineer (some skills are strange though for engineer.)

    Ranger seemed fun and sort of like my play style, but I'll see what happens.

    I'm not so sure about guardian, at least for now.

    Elementalist seems fun, too many spells for now though.

    Haven't thought of Necro and Mesmer yet.


    So yeah, guess I'll be trying Warrior and Engineer first.

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    Guardian is wicked fun. The only profession I've played that wasn't particularly fun was Mesmer, but it was clear that profession needed to be tuned up. It's probably better now.

    Less than 3 days to go for the headstart!

    Anyone interested in watching an good, objective review of the game should watch this video by Total Biscuit:

    Regarding Total Biscuit's comments about game performance, the game has been optimized significantly since he made this video. The process is not complete, but I am getting a significantly better frame rate. I'm now getting 50+ FPS in PvE (WvW is more taxing because of the number of players involved) running at max settings with an i5-2500k and HD 6850. The following article regarding optimization was published by ArenaNet today:
    "We grow up thinking that beliefs are something to be proud of, but they're really nothing but opinions one refuses to reconsider. Beliefs are easy. The stronger your beliefs are, the less open you are to growth and wisdom, because "strength of belief" is only the intensity with which you resist questioning yourself. As soon as you are proud of a belief, as soon as you think it adds something to who you are, then you've made it a part of your ego."

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